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Hi, I'm Jason Burnett

Jason Barnett is CAD designer/ drafter.  He is a pioneer in the field of house plans.  Jason has been a part of over 8000 design projects over the last 25 years.  He is a dad, husband, friend and coach first.  You never know what kind of project he will be working on and with who he will be helping, but some of his friends call periodically just to find out what crazy thing he is doing that day.  His favorite project is one that is inspired by the quote of “There is no way you can make that happen.”  And then, of course, Jason will roll up his sleeves and figure out how to make it happen.  


Jason’s introduction to designing homes came after a 10 year run in engineering and mechanical design.  He was part of a select group of students who excelled in math and technical thinking.  He helped start the CAD program at his High School and was running the night shift of a mechanical shop during his Senior year at Oak Grove High School.  Jason took college classes for drafting and design, but excelled at application.  He was efficient in running CNC machines and programming them before he left High School.  He designed parts and tools that were used with Ford, GMC, Saturn and McDonald Douglas.  He worked on several build projects where he was drafting MEPs for the Arkansas’ Old State house, the Little Rock AirPort and several other Central Arkansas buildings.  He moonlighted as a drafter for a structural engineer and was part of a few college parking decks including one for UNLV back in the late 90s.  During his time at AmTran, a bus Company in Conway Arkansas that started as Ward and ended up being purchased by Navistar, he was a designer/drafter.  He worked in 3D, Mechanical and did Electrical layouts and trouble shooting.


There is a side story of how Jason got into drawing house plans, but the important thing is he started at the very bottom.  He spent time with the workers in the field and learned how they had to work with the plans and modified the how the plans were built to better suite the guys in the field.  When he started, he just worked for builders, who had experience and used him to produce plans.  Jason, did this by himself for a couple of years, and then added some drafters in with him.  He has taught over 50 people his process and the more efficient way to use CAD over his last 25 years in the Home Design and Construction business.  


Jason built a Home Design Process, that he uses with all of his clients today.  He starts every plan with a conversation of what they would like to build, what is their dream and what is their reality/budget.  He calmly takes the future home owners through the process and creates them house plans.  He designs houses for everyone the same.  He treats everyone like family and tries to keep everyone as close to budget while getting them as many design elements as he can off of the dream list.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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